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Welcome Kayelle Allen

Welcome everyone! Today we have another wonderful guest in the garden. Kayelle Allen. However, First a garden tip.
Winterizing your garden:
• Dig up bulbs and gently brush off any excess dirt. You do not want to wash bulbs as the water can cause it to rot during storage.
• Mulch bulb beds with evergreen boughs to protect the soil from shifting and cracking during the winter. Otherwise plants, especially small, shallowly-planted bulbs, can be heaved to the surface.
• Make sure you store your bulbs in a breathable container, such as a cardboard box; storing the bulb in a plastic bag will cause the bulb to rot. Place newspaper in between the layer of bulbs—the bulbs should not be touching.
• Choose a cool, dry area to store your bulbs—even your refrigerator will do!

Welcome Kayelle Allen!
Mythic Heroes and Misbehaving Robots:
Kayelle Allen writes Sci Fi with mythic heroes, misbehaving robots, role playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She's a US Navy veteran and has bee…

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