Monday, February 08, 2016

Jan Gerber of the NY Village Gazette interviews Katie Sinclair about her boss, Mr. Romance.

Welcome everyone. Today we have Katie Sinclair with us, along with New York Village Gazette reporter Jan Gerber. Before we begin, please fill your plate with goodies and find a seat.

"Thank you for inviting me to air my interview in this lovely Rose House, I'm very glad we're indoors and not out in the snow." Jan slid into her seat, placed her plate on the table and turned her attention to Katie. "Ms. Sinclair, thank you for agreeing to this interview."

"Please call me Katie, this setting is too relaxed for formality." Katie Sinclair glanced around the room at the small intimate group of spectators and smiled. "I'm ready whenever you are."

"Okay, let's get to the question every woman in America wants to know...." Jan raised an eyebrow and then continued. "What is it like to work for Mr. Romance?"

Katie giggled, a light airy sound. "He's not Mr. Romance to me. He's Mr. Russo, my boss."

"That's it? Your boss? Come on, the guys a hunk." Jan's tone portrayed her skepticism. "He's reported to be the modern day Valentino, he is touted to be a connoisseur of women. He's never once taken you to dinner or done anything outside the realm of boss and employee?"

Katie inhaled and took a moment to sip her wine. Then she gave a sad smile. "No, not once. Mr. Russo is always professional."

Jan paused as if she were trying to figure out a way to continue. Clearly the interview wasn't taking the turn she'd hoped. "Alright. What did you think of his women?"

"Truthfully?" Katie gave her a sideways glance. "I've never met any of them. I only meet them, so to speak, through the plans."

"What? You planned his rendezvous'?"

"I set them up. He tells me his ideas, and I make the arrangements."

Jan laughed. "Basically you're a travel agent."

Katie sat up straight, all humor drained from her. "No, I am a marketing assistant. It takes thirty minutes here and there, to make travel arrangements."

 Jan sobered. "I'm sorry, I meant along with your other duties he has his own private travel assistant."

"Okay, I won't take any offense." Katie took another sip of wine. "And besides I like making the arrangements, I get to live vicariously."

"Does it bother you at all?"


Classie Murder: Mr. Romance
​Adam enjoys a lifestyle most men only dream of. Then one day he wakes up to find the morning headlines blaring, "Another victim falls prey to Mr. Romance. Who is next?" He suddenly realizes his way of life is not only frivolous, but deadly.

Dubbed Mr. Romance by New York society for his romantic adventures, Adam Fernando Russo loves women. But lately he realizes how lonely it is coming home to an empty house. Can he settle for only one woman? After he makes a list of qualities worthy enough to merit giving up his desirable existence, suddenly recipients of his coveted attention mysteriously fall prey to a murderer. The murders seem unrelated with one exception--all the victims have recently returned from a fabulous weekend rendezvous with Mr. Romance.

Adam’s assistant, Katie Sinclair, knows Adam is innocent with airtight alibis. The police are at a loss so Adam and Katie work together to discover the link between the murders. As luck would have it, their plan to prove the murderer is copying classic Cary Grant movies goes astray just as Adam realizes his perfect woman has been by his side all along.

Check out the Trailer:

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Monday, February 01, 2016

Romantic February!

Welcome everyone! It's only a couple of months until spring. Can't wait. You all know the drill, grab some goodies from the table and your favorite beverage and let's get down to R O M A N C E!

I love romance. I love to read romance. I love romantic movies. Pretty much everything romance. So I'm going to list some of my all time favorite romantic movies. Some drama's, some comedies, and some just plain romance! And some I just find romantic because of the kissing.

While You Were Sleeping

The Proposal

The Ugly Truth

Gone with the Wind

An Affair to Remember


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Dirty Dancing
The American President

True Lies (This one may make you say your over 18)

I could go on all day. These are just some of my favorites and as I right this last bit, I've already thought of more I could add. What are you favorite romantic movies?

Everyone have a wonderful romantic February!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Interview with Jolene of the Indiana Herald.

Good morning, welcome to Mary's Garden, fill up your plates and have your favorite beverage. Today we have a video of an interview with Joline from the Indiana Herald and Madison McCullough a local legal aid attorney.

Jolene settled into her chair and picked up her notes. After she'd studied them a moment, once apparently satisfied she smiled at her guest. "Thank you Ms. McCullough for meeting with me today."

"Please call me Madison. It's a pleasure to be here."

"Well then, Thank you Madison. Shall we begin?"

"I'm ready when you are."

Joline consulted her notes. "Tell us a little about your work."

Madison looked over the the window and then a slow smile spread. "I make barely enough money to make a living, but I love it. I'm a legal aid attorney. I represent people, good hard working people, who are having trouble defending their rights."

"I've done a little research and realize your not just a little passionate about your work, but you live to fight the wealthy when they're trying to trample on the little guy."

"You bet your ass, er, excuse me. But yes, you're correct."

"Give us an example."

Madison stood and paced a bit and then returned to her seat. "I can't use names of course, but I have a young client who naively thought a young man at a frat party actually cared about her. As you can imagine he just wanted to get in her virginal panties. He, of course, was the golden boy of papa's eye and when the young girl came up pregnant and to boot she was only sixteen, yup under age. Well the head of the family has made it his goal in life to prove the young girl was after his prince and the money and they should raise the baby and cut the mother completely out of the baby's life. Oh not to mention, smear the young woman's name and paint her the slut. She's a young hard working, now, single mom. Working during the day and going to school at night and struggling to protect her little one."

Joline chuckled. "And I can see you're very fierce on behalf of your client. I'd like to be in the courtroom when you meet."

"It's a public hearing."

"Madison, I just may take you up on that invitation. I'd like to see how things turn out." She smiled and put her notepad in her bag. "I know how busy you are, thank you for meeting with me today."

"You are more than welcome, I hope to see you in the courtroom."

Chick Magnet
Madison McCullough is recuperating from a broken heart. Her fiance hadn't really loved her, he had used her as a babysitter for his young son while he wined and dined other women.

Brady O'Neill is a Formula One race car driver recuperating from injuries from a near death accident and a broken heart. Brady's matchmaking sister believes her son to be a chick magnet and encourages Brady to take her son to the grocery store.

When Madison and Brady meet, oranges roll. Thanks to Payton, Brady's nephew. The first eye contact over the fruit table causes the air to sizzle. No matter how much Madison resists the attraction, the two are destined for each other.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

And it is FREE

Welcome to Mary's Garden, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for spring. This cold is getting to me. Meanwhile, grab a few things for your plate, you'll notice it's veggie's and fruits. It's that time of year when I watch my health, I really should keep that up year round on a permanent basis, if you know what I mean? Any way once you settle in, I have a surprise.

I have decided to put one of my novella's to FREE. Now if I could get Amazon to put it to be free, that would be awesome. However, if you only have a Kindle and you would like to have a PDF copy, email me. If you're looking for a fun, quick love story here is one for free.

Meet Me In Fantasyland.
After twenty years of marriage, Rissa Tate’s husband has left her for Blondie of the big Boobs. Can she rebuild a life for her and her children with a childhood friend?

Rissa isn’t as surprised as she should be that her husband left her. She’d had an idea for a few years he wasn’t being faithful. She’d buried her head in the sand for the sake of the twins. He left her four month’s earlier, and now he’s asked her to clear all of his possessions out of their home and do with them what she wants. As she boxes everything for Good Will she comes across her old diaries. In them she finds her entry of the pact she made with Robert, Bobby, Graham to meet in Twenty-five years. That date is in two weeks. Would he be there?

Rob Graham has loved Rissa for as long as he remembered. When they’d been in high school she’d only thought of him as a buddy, the brother she never had. Would she remember their pact? If she did, would she be there?

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Monday, January 11, 2016


Welcome to winter at the Garden. How have all of you been? Are you settled into 2016? Grab a plate at the table and fill up your plates and pour your favorite beverage.

As some of you may know, I've embarked on a virtual cook book. I started it a few months ago and I have done a few promo's for it. But I decided to showcase it this week. It's called The After Work Cook on YouTube, I also have a blog,, where I publish all the recipes, etc. Here goes...

I'm just having fun with it, I'm dorky, and it's me. I'm not a professional cook. What you see is what you get. My husband is a very good sport about filming me. And he refrains from laughing, which I love him for. I'm having a blast though and I don't even care if people watch it. Well I do, someday I want to compile all the recipes into an actual book. Here is where you can find me on YouTube. This is my first Episode.
You can find the rest at:


Monday, January 04, 2016

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Garden everyone, yes it's mighty cold out there. I am checking in to tell you my plans for 2016. Before we get started, please grab some goodies over on the table, and pour yourself a cold or hot beverage.

Resolutions? No I am not going to make any this year. I always end up breaking them. I am so busy with my day job, and the commute takes a major part of my day. We are very active with family and friends. My plan is to write as much as possible. I have a writing day, a full 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with my critique partner every other month. Then when I can I sneak in a mini writing retreat, I will. My husband is going to see our son in Brooklyn for a long weekend, so I'll have two full days to write and a couple of evenings. And my critique partner and I will have our yearly retreat in April.

I'm also planning a few marketing or promotional weeks. I've determined to enlist friends instead of paying to participate with someone else. I'm also going to romance the local librarian and see if she will help me contact other libraries and do a library tour. A panel with a Q and A and then a book signing.

I plan to keep doing character interviews, I've noticed it is something my readers have enjoyed.

Those are my plans as you can see, I tried not to overwhelm myself with unrealistic resolutions. Hopefully, this year will be a great year.

I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year and may this be the year your dreams come true. Please stay safe!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Holidays!

She has wond the Winter Giveaway!

Welcome to the Garden, if you look out the window of the Rose House you can see the winter wonderland. Please help yourselves to the holiday goodies on the table. It's just a mix and mingle today. No interviews or words of wisdom from anyone.

I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday, no matter what you celebrate. And if you do not celebrate, then have a wonderful new year. I hope everyone's dreams and wishes come true in 2016.

My wish would be that I could give every one of my fans a gift for Christmas, alas, I cannot. However, I do have a Holiday Giveaway Drawing anyone can enter. There is NO contest. The only thing you need to do is email me and say Winter Holiday in the subject --or something close to that. And then ask me to put you in the drawing. I will do my best to look through comments on the blog and posts on other social media, but if you'd like to be sure your name is in the drawing the best way is to email me. [mary L martinez 3 AT gmail dot com] no spaces. Or you can email me through my contact page. I will draw a lucky winner on 1/1/2016!

And what will you win if your name is drawn? This Beckett Christmas basket. It contains: the first four books (signed) of the series, Disappear, Innocent, Quiet, and Illusion. A bottle of Presecco (Italian sparking wine), and two Becket flutes and of course some chocolate.

Good luck everyone.
Happy holidays!