Monday, February 20, 2017

John Magee of the Dublin Evening Post interview Azazel

Welcome to Mary's Garden! We're going to have a treat today. We have report John Magee here from Ireland to interview an angel! Fill your plate goodies and grab a beverage then find a seat. Let's begin.

Welcome John Magee of the Dublin Evening Post, he will be interviewing the angel Azazel about his mission to Earth.

Magee: I’m meeting today with Azazel, who is a member of the heavenly Grigori. Tell me, Azazel, do you have a surname? Or is it just Azazel?

Azazel: I have no surname. Like all of my brothers, I have only the one name. I would venture to say that surnames are the invention of Man. As you multiplied and became plentiful upon the Earth, perhaps, surnames were a way to distinguish between individuals. From my research, it would appear that the Irish surname O’Cleirgh (O’Clery) is the first known European surname.

Magee: Can you explain what the Grigori is? And what exactly are the Nephilim?

Azazel: The Grigori are sons of God, or angels if you wish. We are members of the Tenth Order, like the Order of Dominions, the Cherubim or the Thrones.

There are three Triads.
Highest Triad: Seraphim, Cherubim, and the Thrones.
Middle Triad: Dominions, Virtues, and Powers
Lowest Triad: Principalities, Archangels, and Angels

The Grigori are of the Lowest Triad, thus closer to the mortal realm. We are the angels sent to Earth to teach His Children of Clay. We are mentioned in the Book of Enoch and in the modern Bible in Genesis 6.2, one reference remains “that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all that they chose.”

The Nephilim were our sons. They became a scourge upon Man and the Earth and the Great Flood was sent to eradicate their evil. To this day, it is difficult to talk of my son, Rephaim, and to think about our children who turned against us. They were our punishment, the Great Flood theirs.

Magee: Can you tell us a little about why you are on this mission?

Azazel: Two hundred bene Elohim descended on the mount in the human settlement of Kharsag. We were sent by their Father—and our Father—to teach these refugees from Eden how to survive in a less than hospitable clime.

What does it entail?

Amazarak taught dividing of the roots and sorcery. Armers revealed the solution of sorcery. Barkayal instructed the observers of the stars. I gave the Eves, the women, the fabrication of mirrors, the workmanship of bracelets and ornaments, and the beautification of paint. My worst crime against Heaven was teaching Man the making of weapons and the strengthening of metals.

Magee: What happened to your brothers? Why do you think you resisted where they did not?

Azazel: For my crimes, I was bound hand and foot and buried in the desert at Dudael until Judgment Day. As you can see, I escaped. My brother Semyaza, the other leader of the Watchers as we were called, was hung upside down in the stars to contemplate his folly. He, too, is free, but I have not seen him since Kharsag. Nine-tenths of the heavenly teachers fell, Mr. Magee. The rest returned Home to sing at the Throne. Allow me to say here that the worst punishment for an angel is to be banished from the Light.

Thank you, Azazel, for sharing your story. The Daily’s readers will enjoy your tale.

“The Night Before Doomsday,” from Four By Moonlight

An anthology of love in the moonlight…in the paranormal universe.

“Gypsy Ribbons” – A moonlight ride on the moors and meeting a notorious highwayman will forever change Lady Virginia Darby’s life.

“Star Angel” – Lucy was stuck in a rut and in an Idaho potato patch. She’d seen him in the corner of her eye—a fleeting glimpse of beauty—now he stood before her in the flesh.

“The Night Before Doomsday” – All his brothers had succumbed to lust, but Azazel resisted temptation until the wrong woman came along.

“The Gate Keeper’s Cottage “– Newlywed Meggie Richelieu’s mysterious, phantom lover may be more than anyone, except the plantation housekeeper, suspects.

Excerpt from “The Night Before Doomsday”:
Eyes lined with charcoal as I’d taught them, lips rouged by my own hand mocked me. A bold hand slid beneath my robe, up my thigh, and gripped my shaft. The hot vibration deep inside trembled along my organ, growing longer and stiff.
Like a spider's web touched by a candle's flame, memories of Home shriveled.

Gentle Magdalene smoothed the hair back from my face, staring at my shocked expression. “Oh, Azazel.” A fingertip traced my cheek. “Did we hurt you?”

“No.” I clamored to my feet, bewildered by the feelings torturing me.

None would meet my gaze. Lord of Hosts, if they were afraid of me, I was doubly afraid of them. I’d never felt desire or the effect passion had on the body. If I had experienced sexual longings, I’d ignored them. Now, I could no longer pretend. My body yearned for something I’d believed to be the province of Man and the beasts.

Ruth winked a painted eyelid. In her dark eyes, amusement twinkled.

“Ungrateful rabble.” I tossed my hair back and folded my wings around me, brushing the dust from my feathers. “I make you alluring. You repay me by rolling me in the dirt and trying to tickle me to death.”

“You’re an angel.” Ruth undulated her shoulders. The lush breasts pointed at me swayed. “You can’t die.” Oh, but I was dying. More than they could possibly know. Dying to touch them, dying for them to touch me, caress me there again. Before my face revealed forbidden desire, I schooled my expression stern. Ruth stared at me.

Red lips smiling...perfect white hair falling over her face....

She flung herself into my arms, covered my startled gasp with a hungry mouth. A warm tongue plunged into me. I went rigid, considered shoving her away, but a sensation like pain tightened in me. A need, that I’d never experienced, pulsed between my legs. I surrendered totally to feeling.

“Ruth, get off him.” Magdalene’s voice sliced through the haze of passion. “Why do you do these things? Help me get her off him, Ana. Azazel doesn’t ask for favors. Help me, Elwen. It’s not funny anymore.”

Like a blanket, they plucked the heat of Ruth's body off mine. Ana’s gaze swept down me. Her eyes widened. Mortified, I gaped at the tent in my angelic robe. I had an erection. Men not angels got hard. The girls stared at me. No, they were staring at the long weapon I couldn’t control.

“So the chaste Azazel falls.” Ruth laughed and, thank God, my erection wilted.

Author’s Bio:
Linda Nightingale
is a native-born South Carolinian who has lived in England and Canada, and now resides in Texas. Before turning to writing, she bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses for thirteen years.

In 2012, her novel, Gemini Rising, was voted Best Mainstream Novel in the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll. Her vampire romance, Cardinal Desires won the Georgia Romance Writers Magnolia Award for Excellence and a manuscript then titled I, Lucifer won the SARA Merritt Award. Her science fiction romance, Love for Sale, was awarded Best SF/Fantasy novel of 2015 by the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer’s Choice, and also voted one of the Top Ten Romance Novels of 2015 by the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll for that year.

Four by Moonlight is her first novel for Class Act Books.

Find out more about Linda at:
Twitter: @LNightingale
Buy Links:
Publisher's website at

Thank you, Linda, for visiting Mary's Garden I hope you visit again.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ted Thompson from the West Yellowstone Daily interview Officer O'Malley

Welcome to the garden. It's starting to warm up, so much so that some of the tulips are starting to poke through, and I'm worried we'll have another freeze and they'll die. Anyway, you know what you need to do, grab some goodies and a beverage.

Today we have reporter, Ted Thompson from the West Yellowstone Daily, he'll be interviewing Officer O’Malley, one of Silverton, Montana’s finest.

Ted: Thank you for agreeing to talk to me today, Katie. Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided law enforcement was your calling.

O’Malley: My name is Scarlett. I don’t answer to Katie. Ever. Now, with that out of the way…I went into law enforcement because I love the challenge of solving problems. Plus, if I were stuck in an office somewhere or in a sales position, there would be mayhem. My dream is to become a detective someday.

Ted: Thank you for agreeing to talk to me today, Officer O’Malley. Tells us a little about yourself and why you decided law enforcement was your calling. And if you’d lived in a larger city, say Missoula, would you have still chosen your current career path?

O’Malley: I would have. There’s really nothing else I can think of I’d want to do for a living. Pop wasn’t too happy with my choice in the beginning, but he’s mostly okay with it now.

Ted: Officer O’Malley I understand you are the only woman on the police force. How do you deal with that? How hard does that make your career?

O’Malley: It can sometimes be a pain, especially with a couple of guys in the department, but I think I deal with it fairly well. I was raised by my dad around the bar he owns, though (The Happy Moose), so I’m used to holding my own with the guys. I actually get along with men better than women most of the time—at least I’m more comfortable with them. My mother deserted me when I was three, and I never spent much time around women. So if and when one of the guys in the department steps out of line, I handle it. I’m not afraid of confrontation.

Ted: Officer, Silverton is a small town where rumors and town gossip flow smooth as a rambling stream. How do you know what is truth and what is fabricated when you’re investigating a crime?

O’Malley: Folks in Silverton are like people everywhere. Everybody has secrets. One good thing about living in a small town is that you learn fairly quickly who makes a habit of taking liberties with the truth and who doesn’t. You can also tell a lot by people’s body language, and most everyone has physical reactions to lying they can’t control. It’s funny, but almost everyone seems to think they’re the first person to use a particular excuse when you start investigating a situation, so picking up lies in those circumstances is easy.

Ted: Which brings me to my next question, as any self respecting report would do, I have researched my subject. I heard your mother passed away, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s also said it may not have been an accident. Do you believe this to be true? Are you going to investigate?

O’Malley: She did pass away. Thanks for your condolences, but I never knew her when she was alive, so I’m doing all right with it. Her sister, my Aunt Lorraine, is suspicious about the way she died, so yeah, I’ve agreed to ask a few questions and see what I can find out.

Ted: Pardon me for chuckling but some of the residents of Silverton actually believe your mother’s spirit lingers. Some even say she’s haunting you. What do you believe?

O’Malley: I’d like to know who told you that. I’ll answer that question off the record, but this isn’t something I want fed into the rumor mill, so if I hear people talking, I’ll know where it came from. Yes, Kat’s ghost is hanging around and she’s a pain in the ass. She’s not much happier about the situation than I am. Having to put up with her 24/7 is the main reason I agreed to ask around about her accident. I’ll do whatever it takes to get her moving toward the light.

Ted: Describe to me your typical day as a law enforcement officer in Silverton, Montana.

O’Malley: That depends on the shift I’m working. I spend a lot of time walking or driving around town, keeping eyes on the area and responding to calls. The town is usually quiet, especially during the winter, but we do have our share of drunk drivers, drug use, and domestic violence cases. During the summer tourist season, my shifts are quite a bit busier dealing with minor altercations and taking care of the resulting paperwork, The thing I like best about being on the job is that no two days are exactly the same.

Ted: Tell me about your most humorous case?

O’Malley: I responded to a call from one of the local motels a year or so ago. A couple of masked men had come in and demanded access t the safe. They tried, and failed, to open it, realized it was taking a while and decided to tie the safe to the back of their pickup truck and take it with them. They destroyed the lobby of the motel in the process, but the safe left marks in the pavement as they drove, so Officer Peele and I just followed the tracks to their house and executed the arrest. Most criminals are not exactly overloaded with intelligence.

Ted: Is there anything you’d like to add to this interview?

O’Malley: Not really, except to remind you all that stuff about Kat’s ghost is strictly off the record. Seriously, I don’t need people thinking I’ve lost my mind, and if that rumor ever gets back to Pop…

Ted: Thank you for joining me today. I wish you all the best in your career.

Dead on Arrival
Katie Scarlett O’Malley (don’t call me Katie) was raised by her father after her mother walked out when Scarlett was just three. Now thirty years later, Scarlett learns that her mother was killed when she lost control of her car less than 50 miles from Scarlett’s home town. The news is unnerving, especially since Scarlett had no idea her mother was anywhere around.

Frankly, Scarlett doesn’t give a damn. She’d be happy to ignore her mother’s accident completely, but that proves to be impossible once her egg donor’s ghost shows up in Scarlett’s bedroom Not only has Kat failed to go toward the light, she’s become attached to Scarlett for some reason neither of them can understand. When Scarlett’s aunt asks her to prove that Kat’s death was no accident, Scarlett agrees, but only so she can send her ghostly visitor on to her great reward.

Together, Scarlett and her amnesiac ghost of a mother look into the accident that claimed Kat’s life. It doesn’t take long for things to get worse and soon they’re caught up in a web of secrets and lies that turn Scarlett’s whole world upside-down.
Available Feb. 15 Preorder NOW

About the author
Sherry Lewis
is an award-winning, national bestselling author who writes in several genres under
three pen names. Along with her writing career, she has been teaching writing workshops for more than two decades.

Sherry Lewis PromoSherry’s career path as an author didn’t exactly follow a straight line. Before becoming a full-time writer, Sherry worked such prestigious jobs as manager of a convenience store, Christmas tree decorator, poinsettia dresser, cashier, keyboard player/vocalist in a band, secretary in an insurance office, secretary in a bank, administrative assistant for an attorney who was also a trustee in bankruptcy, and, finally, a judicial assistant to a federal judge.

In 1993 Sherry launched her mystery-writing career with the sale of her first three books to Berkley Prime Crime. In early 1994 she sold her first contemporary romance to Harlequin Superromance, launching her career as a romance writer. Call Me Mom (Harlequin Superromance) was published in January 1995, with No Place for Secrets (Berkley Prime Crime) following in July.

Sherry left her career at the federal court to pursue a full-time writing career in 1996.Sherry is the author of the national bestselling Piece of Cake Mystery Series (as Jacklyn Brady), the popular Candy Shop Mystery Series (as Sammi Carter) and of the Fred Vickery Mystery Series, several contemporary and time-travel romances as Sherry Lewis. She’s currently at work on on a brand-new project which she is planning to indie publish.

She’s a long-time member of Romance Writers of America, where she served for four years on the Board of Directors, including one year as President.She has a deep and abiding love of the written word and has been an avid reader as long as she can remember. Though she still loves the feel of a book in her hands, Sherry freely admits to loving her e-reader, too. It’s much easier to move 3,000 books on her Kindle than it is in boxes.

Originally from Montana, Sherry spent several years living at the base of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains and now lives a block from the beach along Florida’s Emerald Coast. She’s the mother of two daughters, the grandmother of two amazing little girls who are growing up way too fast, and the human for two cats who rule the roost at home.

Sherry can be found:
Follow Sherry on Twitter @SherryLewis and @DancingOnCoals

Thank you, Sherry, Ted, and Officer O'Malley for joining us in the garden today, please come back soon!

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Ad Words Part II

Welcome everyone! It's actually sunny in the garden today, a very nice change. Still too cold for outside though. Find some goodies and a beverage, then find a place to settle in for a short chat.

A couple of weeks ago I posted something on Ad Words, and this is part two. Several helpful people have given me advice on what they are and how to use them. And most of you probably know what they are. They are used for search engines (now this is my idea of what they mean) to grab. Meaning, in my own head that is, when a person is searching for something and the put in the word recipe or Barbecue they will find recipes on barbecuing, makes sense. But there are thousands of recipes on that subject. The key is to find unique words that single your site, book, recipe, and whatever else you want found, out. That's the key to Ad Words; unique.

You also want your subject, whatever it is, to be with the top selling competition. If you write historical romance, you want your book to come up with the bestsellers, you need to use some of their same ad words. Your goal is to be grouped with them. How do you do that? Well I have found--someone shared it with me--something called the KindleSpy! Here is the link. I cannot wait to try this out.

Have you tried it? Let me know if it works. Or if you haven't please check it out and let me know what you think.

Good luck with all of your promotional endeavors, I know I always need help and appreciate ANY help someone can share with me.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Irene Vartanoff on Writing a Book Series

Good morning, welcome to the garden. Please take a moment to fill up you plates with goodies and, of course, fill your glass with your favorite beverage. After you've found a chair our guest, Irene Vartanoff, will tell us about her process of creating a series. First a bit about Irene.

Award-winning author Irene Vartanoff combined her love of romances and comic books by working for Harlequin, Bantam, Berkley, and My as well as Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Her first superhero chick lit adventure novel, Temporary Superheroine, was quickly followed by a sequel, Crisis at Comicon. A third superhero adventure for Chloe is on its way. Her women's fiction novels published to date are Summer in the City and A Daughter's a Daughter. Irene recently released a stand-alone sweet contemporary romance, Second
Chance Reunion. She is currently writing the third book in a new series of sweet contemporary romances taking place in the world of opera. A lifelong East Coast resident, Irene lives in a forest of tall oaks in the wilds of West Virginia.

I didn't write Captive of the Cattle Baron intending to create a series, but the moment I introduced Baron Selkirk's younger brother and sister, each of them with their own issues, I knew they deserved their own books. I wrote JD's story, Saving the Soldier, quickly because his is a straightforward rehabilitation tale. Wounded in Iraq, he's been sunk in bitterness. Staying in the hospital for a long time can sap anyone's energy, and so it is with JD Selkirk, until Paula, the family friend who is secretly in love with him, takes a wild risk and jolts him out of his unhealthy mental pattern. Since these are sweet romances, of course it ends happily, but then there's the straight-talking, semi-alcoholic younger sister, Tess, to deal with in Book 3.

Writers often create fun, feisty secondary female characters to be foils for their heroines. What I hate is if the secondary character receives a personality transplant when she gets her own book. She loses her sense of humor or her cynical streak, and she might even lose her dumpy figure and her unfashionable hairdo. In other words, for those of you with a feel for retro, Our Miss Brooks becomes Sandy from Grease. I was determined not to do that with the third Selkirk ranch sibling, Tess, but I didn't want to write a book about a spunky heroine who is a hopeless alcoholic screw-up. Then I remembered that statistics say most people who binge drink around age twenty naturally drop off the habit within a few years, without any intervention. In other words, they grow up. Showing Tess maturing and grappling at last with her problems while remaining true to her bold personality was the challenge of Book 3 in the Selkirk Family Ranch series.

As the story opens, Tess has followed one of her dreams and become a Hollywood actress, but she's still drinking, which gets her into trouble. Taking her back to the Wyoming ranch is Rolf's solution, but once there, she's at odds with Rolf and with the intimidating males of her family who won't deal her in on running the huge ranch operation. They especially don't want her trying to help catch whoever is rustling cattle, but Tess can't be fenced in.

I'm almost finished writing Tess's story, but I still have not settled on a title. I need your votes or your suggestions. So far I've got:
Loving the Cowgirl
The Soldier Gets His Cowgirl
Cowgirl–Soldier Showdown
Cowgirl versus Soldier

Please vote for any one of these titles—or suggest your own title idea—at
Voting will close at the end of February. If you choose to include your contact info, I'll send you a link to the final title choice, and more.

Book 1 of the Selkirk Family Ranch series of sweet contemporary romances, Captive of the Cattle Baron is available now on Amazon.

Book 2, Saving the Soldier is on sale now at Amazon.

Social Media Links:

Thank you, Irene, for visiting. Your series sounds fantastic. Of course, I like many love cowboys, soldiers, a man in uniform. I guess I'm saying strong heroes.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Playwright vs Author

Welcome to the Garden everyone. I just want to say... I'm so ready for spring. However, winter is still here so fill your plates with goodies and grab a warm beverage and lets discuss...

I went to see a Broadway (traveling to our town) play today at our new Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City. As I watched I realized it was like a story coming alive. When I read a book the story folds out in my mind. But a play is a visual. It's still the same, you have your character building, your plot/story development, your dark moment, and then how everything wraps up.

Do you write? And would you ever decide to write a play or would you rather stick to books. And if you're a reader, do you find enjoyment in plays also?

Now a review on the play I attended today. Kinky Boots
It had such a wonderful cast and the music was awesome. However, the message turned out to be the highlight for me. "Accept yourself for who you are and others will too." If you have a change to attend this play, be sure and do so, you will not be sorry.

Based on true events, KINKY BOOTS tells the heartwarming and humorous story of two people with nothing in common — or so they think! Charlie is a factory owner struggling to save his family business. Lola is a fabulous entertainer with a wildly exciting idea. With a little compassion and a lot of understanding, this unexpected pair learns to embrace their differences and creates a line of sturdy stilettos unlike any the world has ever seen! But in the end, their most sensational achievement is their friendship.

There's never been a better time to see KINKY BOOTS. It's a celebration of the best in all of us — the challenges that shape our journey, the joys that keep us going and the shoes that lift us up along the way!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Ad Words or whatever they're called!

Welcome to the garden! It's been a little warm for winter 30 degrees instead of 5 degrees, for which I'm grateful. It is still too cold to sit outside, but I have the rose house reserved for our chat. Fill your plates with goodies, pour a warm beverage and find a seat Ready? Lets begin.

It is that time of year again, the time where I'm determined to figure out this concept everyone calls promotion. I do my social media, I have not one, but two blogs, a Facebook and Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest--I must admit I love this, Google plus, YouTube, LinkedIn and a few others I should keep up with but I don't. But yet I am still not getting my name out there or my books. My sales are the same no matter what I do.

So HELP me please. I keep hearing about people who have a thousand viewers on their YouTube videos, or 100's of like's on their Facebook page. Their Tweets (is that what they're called?) reach thousands on Twitter and I could go on and on. How do they do this? What is the trick?

Do they write full time?

Many people are like myself, they need to have that Day Job to pay the bills and write on the side. I struggle with all of it, it's overwhelming. I work 40 hours a week and sometimes more, I ride public transit to and from work, which is another almost two hours each day. Then there is dinner and by then it's 7 pm and time to make my lunch for the next day. It's not that you just need to write, but you need to edit, you need to blog, and do your social media.

Then let's bring in family. I have eleven grandchildren that all seem to participate in something, basketball, football, baseball, motocross (my girls), dance, soccer, and guitar... My husband sort of likes to spend time with me. And on top of that I have friends and book club.

As I said I go through this every year and I ponder on what to do. I come up with a plan, implement it. Seems to work for a bit and then I'm so busy it falls by the way side. I cannot afford an assistant, what do others in my position do? I have been hearing that AdWords are good ,that I should use them on my Web site, my YouTube, and other things. What exactly does that mean and what should I do?

Wait! I just Googled AdWords. It's some kind of advertisement. Not what I was talking about. Maybe
Tagwords? See I haven't a clue! Might I add that my promotion budget is a THIN shoestring...

If anyone has any insight on what or how to do this, please let me know!

Monday, January 09, 2017

Charmaine Gordon on Book Series

Welcome to the Garden everyone. We're in single digits here, I hope you're dressed warm, even though we're in the Rose Room. Please have some treats, and they are healthy this week. And hot beverages all around. Today I have Charmaine Gordon, she's going to tell us about writing her series.

I’m so pleased to be your guest today, Mary. Here is my story. You see I write in my dreams, like a dream walker.

After raising a bunch of kids, some while my pilot husband was flying for the Strategic Air Command during the Korean Conflict, eventually we moved to New York. When the youngest and only daughter turned sixteen, an actress friend suggested I go to the big city and seek a career. Horrified at the thought at first, I turned myself around and spread my wings to become a small fish in the big talent pond. Daytime dramas were my specialty in shows such as One Life to Live, All My Children, Another World and then I branched out into movies like Working Girl-fun with Harrison Ford during lunch break when we shared a hotdog and sang, a month with the fine Anthony-call me Tony-Hopkins in an awful movie upstate New York, When Harry Met Sally where I met Carrie Fisher, so gentle and pleasant that week. And plays, several Off-Broadway plays until, alas, my voice let me down.

“It’s gone, you can’t be an actor any more, my dear,” said the kind voice doctor. “You have Spasmodic Dysphonia.”

Here’s my good news. A friend called to say “write a book.”
“Good idea but I don’t know how.”
“You’ve read scripts for years, worked with Mike Nichols, Billy Crystal, lots of good people. Just do it.”

And she was right. An idea floated into my head at night in a dream, I saw the action, the characters. The next morning I began a new career. After a dozen query letters went out to no avail, Vanilla Heart Publishing called. They wanted to talk business. To Be Continued is the title of that book optioned for a television movie. Another book She Didn’t Say No is optioned for a movie. No one knows what will happen, folks. I just keep writing and so should you. Take the time for yourself to express what’s in your mind.

Now for series: I didn’t plan to write Reconstructing Charlie as the beginning of a series but stuff happens. Again I dreamed of a fifteen year old girl in a small town in Minnesota. I’ve never been there. The eldest of four, she protected mom from drunken Dad on Friday-payday. Oh my I thought when I woke up the next day. I already raised all the kids, what in the world would I do with this one. But write I did; loved her I did as she went to Chicago to live with the best aunt and uncle ever and smart girl, she developed into a woman who decided she wouldn’t sleep with a guy until he was on bended knee with a ring. If wedding bells didn’t happen, she had enough on her plate. When I typed The End, I thought what about her room-mate at Northwestern U and so I wrote Sin of Omission followed by The Catch because what happened to handsome football player in RC followed by Together, Again where the youngest twin sisters come to Chicago at last and they are a kick. You will love them.

It’s a wrap, I thought yet every day I write and love it. Stories pour from my heart with romance/suspense, humor and pets-Therapy Dog true stories in At Your Service eformat. They gave me courage to walk again after a terrible fall 2016.
Twitter @CharJGordon
Wordpress: of good blogs here on life-show biz stories
Facebook :authorCharmaineGordon

Reconstructing Charlie
Series: Women Who Survive and Thrive by Charmaine Gordon,
Charlie’s Family Secrets, Book 1
Charlie Costigan has a secret. Home life gone from bad to the worst when she protects her mother from another vicious attack by her drunken father. Midnight. Clothes thrown into an old suitcase, she races for the bus wit
h a letter to an unknown aunt and uncle. “This is my daughter. Embrace her as if she were your own.” Determined, Charlie begins again. Alone with her secret. Charmaine-Gordon/dp/0615909175 Charmaine-Gordon-ebook/dp/B004KKZ6WS

Sin of Omission
Series: Women Who Survive and Thrive by Charmaine Gordon,
Charlie’s Family Secrets, Book 2
A twist of fate intervenes when Shelley keeps a secret that threatens to break apart the Costigans and her future. A mysterious client, Deanna Rose, enters Haven, victim of a savage beating under strange circumstances. Shelley investigates and finds Ms. Rose has an unsavory past. With the reputation and safety of Haven at stake, Shelley is at risk to lose everything and everyone she cares about.

The Catch
Series: Women Who Survive and Thrive by Charmaine Gordon,
Charlie’s Family Secrets, Book 3
Tom Donnelly, once known as The Catch – every woman’s dream guy, has fallen down every rung of the ladder he once worked so hard to climb. On New Year’s Day, he realizes just how far he’s fallen, and makes a list of resolutions to change his life. He vows to regain the trust lost from his family, his law firm, and his friends – and maybe even find the right woman this time.

Thank you, Charmaine, for sharing your story. Very interesting and inspiring.