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Welcome everyone! I'm going to share our adventures in London. We had a great time. So fill your plates and find a seat and lets begin. Don't forget the Trivia Contest, you have until Monday 8/31/15!

The first week of our trip we were in London and walked and we walked! We actually walked 31,035 steps one day. That is 14.25 miles. I'm sure you don't want to really listen you want to see pictures, right? Well here you go, the highlights of London.
Yes while I was there, I was trapped in a phone booth!
Big Ben

Abbey Road - yea I look like a dork!
I hope you enjoyed a bit of our trip!

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It's Ireland time with Nora Roberts

Welcome to the garden. I specifically asked the garden staff to prepare some Irish fare. Dish up and find a place to sit. The last ten days of our grand adventure will be in Ireland. And as you all have heard I'm IRISH and so I'm very excited. When we planned this trip over two years ago, I hadn't done the DNA yet. I was still saying "I'm adopted I can be whatever the hell I want. SO I'm Irish."

Ashford Castle
When my husband asked me what I wanted to do for my big 6 0 birthday I said I wanted to visit Ireland (we had to visit London and Edinburgh because they're so close and we'll never get to go back). We visited a travel agent and started planning. She advised that if we could, we had to stay in a castle. I started researching castles. I read over, I don't know how many Web sites, but I settled on Ashford Castle. As I read over the activities and the description I thought, "why does this sound so familiar?" I'd just finished reading the Dark Witch by Nora Roberts, and I remembered that Iona Sheehan (main character) had stayed in a castle and the story was very close to that castle. I rushed to my kindle and looked it up. Sure enough it was Ashford Castle. And we'd already decided to stay there. And of course we'd already planned the trip before I did the DNA and found out I was Irish. And so now I can say... I'm going to the homeland!

When I visited London I had a friend who wrote historicals set nearby guest blog. And the same with Scotland. So in honor of my visit to Ireland, it just made sense to share Nora's Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy. I give the series 5 stars. I loved it. But then Nora is one of my auto buys!

Dark Witch (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, Book 1)
By Nora Roberts
With indifferent parents, Iona Sheehan grew up craving devotion and acceptance. From her maternal grandmother, she learned where to find both: a land of lush forests, dazzling lakes, and centuries-old legends.


County Mayo, to be exact. Where her ancestors’ blood and magic have flowed through generations—and where her destiny awaits.

Iona arrives in Ireland with nothing but her Nan’s directions, an unfailingly optimistic attitude, and an innate talent with horses. Not far from the luxurious castle where she is spending a week, she finds her cousins, Branna and Connor O’Dwyer. And since family is family, they invite her into their home and their lives.

When Iona lands a job at the local stables, she meets the owner, Boyle McGrath. Cowboy, pirate, wild tribal horsemen, he’s three of her biggest fantasy weaknesses all in one big, bold package.

Iona realizes that here she can make a home for herself—and live her life as she wants, even if that means falling head over heels for Boyle. But nothing is as it seems. An ancient evil has wound its way around Iona’s family tree and must be defeated. Family and friends will fight with each other and for each other to keep the promise of hope—and love—alive…

Shadow Spell (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, Book 2)
By Nora Roberts
With the legends and lore of Ireland running through his blood, falconer Connor O’Dwyer is proud to call County Mayo home. It’s where his sister, Branna, lives and works, where his cousin, Iona, has found true love, and where his childhood friends form a circle that can’t be broken…

A circle that is about to be stretched out of shape—by a long-awaited kiss. Meara Quinn is Branna’s best friend, a sister in all but blood. Her and Connor’s paths cross almost daily, as Connor takes tourists on hawk walks and Meara guides them on horseback across the lush countryside. She has the eyes of a gypsy and the body of a goddess…things Connor has always taken for granted—until his brush with death propels them into a quick, hot tangle.

Plenty of women have found their way to Connor’s bed, but none to his heart until now. Frustratingly, Meara is okay with just the heat, afraid to lose herself—and their friendship—to something more. But soon, Connor will see the full force and fury of what runs in his blood. And he will need his family and friends around him, when his past rolls in like the fog, threatening an end to all he loves…

Blood Magick (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, Book 3)
By Nora Roberts
Branna O'Dwyer has a rich and remarkable life. Her little shop in County Mayo is thriving and her close circle of friends and family have found love and happiness. But Branna's own heart remains closed - to protect herself and the man she loves from a terrible threat.

She reached out once to Finbar Burke - and it almost destroyed them both. Fin and Branna have both inherited a gift for magic, but Fin shares his blood with an old and terrible enemy. And so the two friends have kept their distance, both secretly yearning for the impossible.

That distance has kept them safe - and unhappy. But as a final battle draws close, Branna and Fin are brought irresistibly together. And while they succumb to the heat between them, there can be no promises for tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting! Next week I'll share some pics and experiences from my trip.

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Welcome KyAnn Waters

Good morning, or Afternoon, or even Evening depending on your location. I'm actually in Edinburgh, Scotland this week or part of the time, we'll be off to Dublin in a couple of days. Since I'm here, I asked another good friend of mine, who is also an author, to visit my garden and share a bit about her Scottish book. I'm sure the garden staff provided a yummy spread as usual, so fill your plates and find a seat. And now, welcome KyAnn Waters.

Why write Scottish historical? The man in the kilt, of course. Compelling… formidable…intriguing…mysterious…and sexy as hell.

Thank you Mary, or inviting me to your blog today to share Lord Taran Robertson, Viscount of Blackhall. This kilted god as has eyes the color of copper, strong shoulders, and a Scottish burr. And he is about to wed a very improper wife.

The Highlander’s Improper Wife
A proper young lady should never attend a Masque...Aphrodite is no lady.

Betrothal to the callous Lord Blackhall painted a future devoid of love. Upon his death, Lady Caroline Wilmont is promised to the younger brother. Caroline refuses to allow her first taste of desire to be at the hands of a man who would rather have any woman but her. This, her last night of freedom, is to be a memory of lust that she can take with her throughout her loveless marriage. As Aphrodite, Caroline attends a masque determined to find a man to initiate her into the intimacies of erotic love.

Taran Robertson, Viscount of Blackhall, makes no secret that he despises his obligation to marry the Sassenach heiress chosen for him by his father. As a last foray before his wedding, he attends a masque. However, the spirited vixen he meets and seduces has secrets...secrets that just may reveal he’s to have an improper wife.

In the distance, the rear of the maze gave way to trees that stretched heavenward, but she stood no chance of navigating through the twists and turns that led to them. She faced the mansion and studied the path leading back in that direction.

“Left, right, second right, third—no—second left,” she said, while reciting a silent vow never to have a stupid maze on any of her properties.

Caroline turned to jump from the bench and shrieked. A masked, kilted god stood nearly eye-to-eye with her. She stumbled back. He seized her waist and yanked her forward. She instinctively threw her arms around his neck to keep from falling and her cheek met the warm, damp flesh of his shoulder. Her heart raced at a gallop.

“Careful, my lady.” The deep, cultured English accent didn’t quite disguise the hint of Scottish burr.

Gooseflesh chilled her arms. Yet, her body warmed. Her nipples hardened to erect peaks against the thin fabric of her costume.

“My lady,” he prodded.

Fear that he would feel the heat of her arousal immobilized her.

“I can stand here all night, if it pleases you,” he murmured.

The erotic vision of him doing just that while she rubbed her nipples against his hard body snapped her head up. Dark eyes indistinguishable from the shadow stared at her through a black eye mask.

A flurry of butterflies swirled in her tummy. “I am lost.” She cursed the breathless note in her voice.

“Nay, I found you.” He shifted. A dusting of hair at the nape of his neck tickled her fingertips. He slowly slid her body against his as he lowered her to the ground.

The scent of leather and cloves clung to him. She inhaled, heart fluttering, then tilted her head up. “You have my gratitude, sir. I would be even more grateful if you could direct me out of this…this…labyrinth.”

“Even more grateful?” he repeated.

Caroline became aware of the rough wool of his kilt against the sensitive skin of her thigh. She willed her racing heart to slow. Here was the warm flush that had been missing with the domino in the ballroom. Cruel fate. Far too late has come my redemption.

“Would you like to return to the masque?” His hands dropped from her waist.

A strange sense of loss washed over her. She steeled her resolve to go home and stepped away from him. “I am leaving.”

“Through the gardens?” The harshness in his tone startled her. “It is more likely you fled the festivities to meet someone. The blue domino, perhaps?”

Caroline stiffened. “Anyone attending the masque is well aware of the frolicking taking place in these gardens.”

“Frolicking?” he repeated.

“You are here, sir. Need I feel recrimination because I am a woman? Bah,” she added in a mutter. “I have no time for this foolishness.”

She meant to head towards the mansion, but he blocked the way, so she turned deeper into the maze.

“My lady.” He grasped her arm.

She dropped her gaze to his long, dark fingers. His hold, though light, held her firm. An unexpected vision of those strong fingers gripping her hips while he pumped into her from behind caused her to snap her head up.

“No time for this foolishness?” He lifted his free hand and drew a thumb along her bottom lip.

Heat coursed through her veins. There was no misreading the invitation. Had he read her mind? He offered what she so desperately desired, a night of passion in the arms of a man who hungered for her. This man would demand more than she could afford—but suddenly wanted with every fiber of her being to give.

He pulled her an inch closer. She took the step haltingly. Amusement showed in the upturn of his mouth and he tugged her so near that her nipples came into contact with his warm chest. A tremor radiated through her. In all her planning, she hadn’t considered a man might steal her breath as well as rational thought. Heat crept into her face. She disengaged her arm from his grasp.

“Forgive me. I—” She faltered, unable to trust her ability to resist should he twitch even a muscle. “I fear I may have grossly misrepresented my position.”

He gave a low chuckle. “Most who attend these events misrepresent their position. That is the brilliance of the masque, Aphrodite, the night is ours.”

A jolt to her pussy drenched her folds. She took a step back only to find the awareness intensified when he countered by stalking closer. The prickle of the hedge against her back halted her retreat. He stopped a hair’s breadth from her. Scents of peony and juniper mingled with the dizzying scent of him, assailing her senses. Caroline tilted her head up. Moonlight glinted in the eye slits of his mask.

She drew a sharp breath when he bent and whispered a kiss on her neck. His lips brushed the shell of her ear. “You are beautiful.” He flicked his tongue against her beating pulse point. “I want to steal you away, but I will settle for having you here.” He cupped the back of her head, angling her mouth for a kiss. She parted her lips and his tongue glided along hers. A low groan rolled from his chest as he pressed the hard length of his cock against her abdomen.

“Having me?” Clutching fistfuls of his shirt, Caroline allowed her head to fall back.

“Yes,” he murmured, and blazed a trail of kisses along her jaw, down her neck, to the curve of her shoulder. He traced the swell of her breast, then found and pinched a beaded nipple.

She cried out. He tugged down her bodice, exposing a taut tip, then plucked the bud between his lips and gently bit.

“So sweet.”

“My lord,” she breathed.

He threaded his fingers through her wig. The wig shifted. Caroline jerked to shove it back into place, brushing her hip against his erection. He sucked in a breath and yanked up his kilt. She froze at sight of the full erection jutting towards her, as if begging her to take what she wanted. His warm fingers closed over hers and guided her hand downward, where he firmly wrapped her fingers around his shaft.

She startled at the velvety smoothness. He was so…she squeezed. Not rough or calloused—her heart raced—what had she expected? Caroline realized with a horrified start that she had no idea what to expect, and released him as if he were a snake. She flattened her palms on his chest in an effort to distance them and met the warmth of his sculpted torso.

“Good Lord.” She snatched her hands back.

He cupped her derriere, lifted her more intimately against his arousal, and rested his forehead against hers, their masks touching. “Let me touch you.”

Her pulse jumped. They were alone. Margaret believed she had fled the masque. What could a little touch hurt?

“Yes,” she whispered before she could change her mind.

He set her feet back on the ground, then slipped a finger beneath the dress and shoulder. Gooseflesh raced along her arms where his warm fingers touched her. She shivered. His gaze remained on her as he slipped the dress off her arms. The fabric dropped to her elbows, exposing both breasts.

Silence drew out between them. She trembled, but knew her reaction was fear and not the damp air that crept across her flesh. What had happened? Had he changed his mind? Caroline stiffened. Was she not beautiful enough? She lifted her gaze to find obsidian eyes staring from within the slits of the mask. He watched for another long moment, then lifted a hand and cupped a breast. She shuddered.

His mouth curved into a slight smile. “Do I please you, Aphrodite?”

Caroline was unable to utter a sound. He gave a low laugh, then bent and traced a circle around her nipple with his tongue. Cool night air chilled the places his hot mouth and tongue touched. She grasped his shirt. A woman’s moan of pleasure abruptly intruded on their solitude.

He straightened. Caroline yanked her bodice over her breasts. He pulled her close, sheltering her from view. Whispered words drifted towards them from the maze entrance.

“Bloody hell,” Caroline cursed.

He looked down at her. “Interesting vocabulary, my lady.”

She scowled. “Not nearly as interesting as our present position.”


There was no mistaking the laughter in his voice and Caroline narrowed her eyes with the intent to chastise him when the woman giggled.

Caroline jerked her gaze in the direction of the voices. “They are searching for a private nook.”

“I shall inform them that this particular nook is occupied.”

He started to turn and she seized his arm. “No!” The voices drew closer. “Good God.”

Caroline released him, and rearranged the sash. The bodice didn’t fit as snugly as it had earlier. She blew out a frustrated breath. “Do you think we will be discovered?”

“There is always a chance.”

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KyAnn Waters is a multi-published, award winning author of erotic romance. She lives in Utah with her husband and two children. Never believing she was a pet lover, she still has made a home for a menagerie of animals. She spends her days writing and her evenings with her family. She enjoys sporting events on the television, thrillers on the big screen, and hot scenes between the pages of her books.

Visit with KyAnn on Facebook at her website and Twitter at And share your boards with her on Pinterest at

Find all of her books on

Thank you, KyAnn, for visiting and sharing. Sounds very good, and HOT!

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Welcome Marie Higgins

Welcome everyone! I am in London right now. My good friend and author Marie Higgins has agreed to entertain you with her historical stories that take place in London, or near by. The staff has prepared a spread for you, so load up your plates and pour yourself a beverage. Enjoy!

Adorable Heroes

What makes a hero adorable? Is it because he’s good looking? Built like a body-builder? Or is it because he has a funny personality?

Well, I happen to think it’s all the above plus more! If the hero doesn’t know how to treat the heroine – he’s rude to her, doesn’t respect her, or doesn’t want to do special things for her – then he isn’t a very good hero, in my opinion. Heroes can start out with faults in the beginning of a story. They can even be a little bit immature. Let’s face it…nobody is perfect. Right? Stories are about character development. It’s not fun to read about a perfect hero all the way through the story. At least not for me.

When I write a story, I want to make my hero physically attractive, but usually there’s something about him the heroine doesn’t like. Usually it’s because they’re a rogue and the heroines are after a family man.

Regardless, slowly and surely, the hero becomes more adorable in the heroine’s eyes by their actions—by the way they make my heroines laugh, and by the way they enjoy a flirtatious conversation. It may be the little things he does to help his family (or hers) or strangers in town.

Several years ago, I started writing a sweet Regency romance series about three brothers: Trevor, Tristan, and Trey Worthington. I fell in love with all three of these heroes, but it didn’t stop there. Especially when their common friend, Dominic Lawrence, Lord Hawthorne, was introduced into the story. He has a roguish attitude that’s hard to overlook, and I couldn’t help but want to give him a story, too.

All of my heroes have faults, although they may be gorgeous and charming men. heehee But each one had to grow in the story. Each one has their own obstacles to overcome, and of course they must fall in love with the heroine even if they fight it all the way.

The Sweetest Kiss Trailer:

The Sweetest Touch Trailer

The Sweetest Love Trailer:

The Sweetest Secret Trailer:

Tell me what kind of hero do you love to read about? Leave a comment with your email address to win a Kindle or PDF copy of any of my stories listed on my website (bundles not included in this contest) –

Marie Higgins is a best-selling, multi-published author of Christian and sweet romance novels; from refined bad-boy heroes who make your heart melt to the feisty heroines who somehow manage to love them regardless of their faults. She’s published 30 heartwarming, on-the-edge-of-your-seat stories and broadened her readership by writing mystery/suspense, humor, time-travel, paranormal, along with her love for historical romances. Her readers have dubbed her "Queen of Tease", because of all her twists and turns and unexpected endings.

Visit her website / blog to discover more about her –

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Twitter - @MarieHigginsXOX

And Pinterest -

Thank you, Marie, for keeping everyone here at Mary's Garden company while I'm gone.

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Trivia Contest!

Welcome! Grab some goodies from the table and settle in. I'm going to try a little trivia contest. It will include trivia on anything to do with the Beckett's, anything England, Edinburgh, and Ireland. Why you ask, Well, let me tell you!

I'm excited! I'm going to my homeland! I guess anyway, I'm Irish/British and we'll be visiting London, Edinburgh, and Ireland. And coincidentally the Beckett's hail from England.

For the next month, through the end of August, I'm gathering trivia. Actually, you'll be gathering and sharing on Facebook or Twitter #Marystrivia. At the end of August I'm going to take ALL the trivia about the Beckett's, England, Edinburgh, and Ireland and throw it in a hat. The winner will receive ALL four books (signed) of the Beckett series.

Example: Some Beckett trivia would be to tell me where the surname Beckett come from? Or from England, what is one of their most popular dishes. Or from Scotland, what is the Tattoo Festival? Or from Ireland, what movie was filmed in Cong?

Hopefully, that gave you some ideas. Just post the trivia in a comment here, or on Facebook, or Twitter #Marystrivia.

I will post a lot of my pictures when I get back, stay tuned. While I'm gone there will be lots of things going on in the garden! So please check in!

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Dangerous Intent On Sale now! $.99

Dangerous Intent Boxed Set
Six sit on the edge of your seat stories from some of suspenseful romances best-selling and award-winning authors...fall in love with dangerous men.

Cooper’s Redemption by D’Ann Lindun
Elizabeth Adams has often dreamed of being a heroine in a western film, but her job as a florist in Los Angles is a far cry from cowgirl. Her mother travels to Colorado to sell her inherited ranch…and vanishes. When local law enforcement refuses to search, Elizabeth travels to Salt Lick to find her mother.

There is no proof JB Cooper murdered his neighbor, but the people of Salt Lick, Colorado, believe he killed the old man in a heated exchange over water rights. Lack of proof is the only thing keeping Cooper out of jail. When a woman goes missing and a homeless man is killed, he’s the first suspect.

Although everyone, including the local sheriff, advises Elizabeth not to trust Cooper, she instinctively knows he’s no killer. The cowboy reluctantly lets the city girl inside his tough outer layer. Can they find Elizabeth’s mother in time? Or will the dark eye of suspicion on Cooper tear them apart?

D’Ann’s Bio:
Falling in love with romance novels the summer before sixth grade, D’Ann Lindun never thought about writing one until many years later when she took a how-to class at her local college. She was hooked! She began writing and never looked back. Romance appeals to her because there's just something so satisfying about writing a book guaranteed to have a happy ending. D’Ann’s particular favorites usually feature cowboys and the women who love them. This is probably because she draws inspiration from the area where she lives, Western Colorado, her husband of twenty-nine years and their daughter. Composites of their small farm, herd of horses, five Australian shepherds, a Queensland heeler, two ducks and cats of every shape and color often show up in her stories!

D’Ann loves to hear from readers! Please contact her at

Disappear by Mary Martinez
After two years undercover as an FBI agent to infiltrate a crime organization and discover the identity of a hit man, Tyler Beckett’s cover is blown. Tyler’s new assignment is to protect the only witness who can identify the mysterious killer. If only he didn’t find her so attractive. Each day it becomes harder to keep his objective, especially since he knows the interest is mutual.

Keira Cavanaugh is the only witness to a hit ordered by a crime boss. The safe house is compromised and the same hit man shoots Tyler. Fearing Tyler is dead, Keira plans revenge on the crime organization. She must fake her own suicide in order to survive.

When Tyler discovers what Keira plans, he realizes he must stop her before he loses her for good.

Mary's Bio:
Mary lives in Magna, a little town west of Salt Lake City, Utah. Together with her husband, she has six grown children, and six wonderful grandsons and five beautiful granddaughters.

Mary and her husband love to travel, especially to the Caribbean for relaxing, and Italy for the wine. With the experience from the exotic places she has visited, she is able to fill her books with colorful descriptions of cities, painting a colorful backdrop for her characters.

They are avid concert ‘Ho’s’! Yes, they pretty much want to do them all. They love outdoor amphitheaters the best and attend as many during the warmer months as possible.

Mary and her husband are also enthusiastic college football fans. They have season tickets to the UTES, University of Utah Football and they tailgate every game. They love tailgating so much, that they were married at a tailgating in 1999.

Visit her website for more information:
Mary’s Garden:
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Logan’s Redemption by Cara Marsi
He broke her heart once. Can he save her life now?

Doriana Callahan's life is unraveling. Someone is stalking her and sabotaging her father's company; her teenage son is rebelling; and Logan Tanner is back in town. For sixteen years she's kept an explosive secret from Logan, a secret he soon discovers. Logan never belonged in Doriana's world, but a long time ago he allowed himself to dream of a future with her, until the awful night he was forced to run. Now he's back and he needs her forgiveness, but first he must forgive himself.

Despite the fact that Doriana kept the existence of his son from him, Logan vows to protect her. He races against time to stop the culprit threatening Doriana and works to forge a bond with his son. Can the love and passion that still burn between Doriana and Logan overcome old lies and new dangers? The clock is ticking on a second chance at love.

Cara’s Bio:
Cara Marsi, an award-winning author and self-proclaimed TV junkie, is a former corporate drone and cubicle dweller. Freed from her fabric-covered cage, she can now indulge her love of all things romance. She craves books with happy endings and loves to write about independent heroines and the strong heroes who love them. And she loves to put her characters in dangerous situations or situations merely dangerous to their hearts and watch them fight for the happy endings they deserve.

An eclectic author, Cara is published in romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance. She’s also published numerous short romance stories in national women’s magazines and online. When not traveling or dreaming of traveling, Cara and her husband live on the East Coast in a house ruled by their fat black diva of a cat named Killer.

Nightmare in the Woods by Sue Fineman
In searching for a friend's remote cabin in the Oregon woods, Tess Dunlap gets hopelessly lost. She stops at another cabin to ask for directions and steps into a living nightmare. The crazy man who lives there believes God sent Tess to him to be his wife, and he won't let her leave. He forces her to watch violent movies with him and then emulates what he sees on the screen.

When the battered and bruised woman escapes and finds her way to John Paul Thornton’s cabin, he risks his life to get her to safety. He's compassionate and funny and quickly becomes a good friend, the one person Tess feels she can rely on. Until she discovers what he does for a living.

John has some serious issues of his own to confront, but there's a more urgent problem to deal with first. The crazy man hasn't given up. He's coming after Tess.

Sue’s Bio: Sue Fineman lives in a small town in Washington state with her husband and a scruffy rescue dog. Her three grown children live in Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles. She also has one adorable grandson and multiple grandpuppies and grandkittens. At one time she and her husband took in foster kids, but that was when they were younger and had more patience. These days her husband manages to try Sue’s patience on a daily basis, but after fifty-one years, she doesn’t want to start over training a new husband.

She’s been a secretary, technical writer, real estate agent, and foster mother to five children. Always an avid reader, she began writing in her mid-fifties, when she quit her day job. Sue has written over thirty books in the past twenty years.

To contact Sue, send an email to
or find her on Facebook at

Protecting His Wolfe by Melissa Keir
Betsie Wolfe is a small-town girl who leaves her cozy little life for a job in the big city, never expecting to become a witness to a murder or face vicious threats.

Detective Jonah Pigg is attracted to Betsie’s green eyes and small frame when he arrives on the scene of the murder. When the threats begin, he takes her into his home under the protection of the three Piggs who own the Pigg Detective Agency. It will take all his detective work to keep her safe from the killer.

Passion has a way of igniting when people are under stressful situations, and lust leads Betsie and Jonah into each other’s arms. But is their relationship a matter of desire, or is it something more?

Melissa‘s Bio:
Melissa Keir has always wanted to be an author when she wasn’t hoping for a career as a race car driver. Her love of books was instilled by her mother and grandparents who were avid readers. As a writer, Melissa likes to keep current on topics of interest in the world of writing. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America and EPIC. Melissa is always interested in improving her writing through classes and seminars. She also believes in helping other authors and features authors and their books on her blog.

Melissa doesn’t believe in down time. She’s always keeping busy. Melissa is a wife and mother, an elementary school teacher, owner of a publishing company as well as an author. Her home blends two families and is a lot like the Brady Bunch, without Alice- a large grocery bill, tons of dirty dishes and a mound of laundry. She loves to write stories that feature “happy endings” and is often found plotting her next story.

Melissa loves to hear from readers:
Author page on FB:

Secret Past by Anna Sugg
Sarah Shapiro searches through the ruins of her grandmother’s deteriorating farmhouse and discovers a metal box and a Tommy gun buried beneath the floorboards.

While trying to unravel the mystery of her grandmother’s secret past with the contents inside the box, Sarah take pleasure in the charming, flirtatious Morgan Mills, who helps her investigate the clues left behind by her grandmother. But it’s Clifford Ketchum the man with an attitude, who boils her blood and contradicts her emotional reactions with his nearness.

Danger closes in on her when the Tommy gun disappears, her soon to be ex-husband is killed, and how could she possibly fall in love with a deceiving contractor, who happens to have a wife.

Anna’s Bio:
Anna Sugg/Judy Baker lives in the beautiful western state of Utah. Though she’s a southerner at heart, she loves the surrounding mountains and the desert valleys. She and her husband enjoy their home with a spoiled ninety-pound Airedale. When not writing the stories that fill her head, she enjoys camping with her family, stargazing through one of her many telescopes, digging in her wildflower garden, and golfing, or just swinging on the patio while plotting her next story.

Author Links:

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B and N:

Monday, July 13, 2015

An Interview with The Elders

Welcome everyone. Hope everyone is having a good July! Grab some goodies and fill up with your favorite beverage and find some shade. An author friend and critique partner, Stanalei Fletcher, recently interview the Elders from The Beckett Series. She has given me permission to post her interview.

Stanalei: Today I’ve been invited into the lovely Brooklyn home of my guests, the parents of the Becketts from Mary Martinez’s wonderful romantic suspense series. Martha and Fred Beckett keep their family close and it’s easy to see the love they have for all their children. But I wanted to know more about the Elders of this special clan and how they cope with having their children in dangerous situations.

Stanalei: First of all, Fred and Martha, do either of you have fulltime jobs? If so, what do you do for a living?

Fred patted Martha’s knee and winked at her, then turned his attention back to me. “We’re retired, but, believe it or not, we were both boring old teachers. I taught math and Martha English. Where our kids get their wild streak is beyond me.”

Martha chuckled. “As if you weren’t wild when we were young. You used to come to my house and throw rocks at my window, remember? Then we’d sneak out and go for a wild ride on your motor bike to Coney Island.”

Fred threw back his head and gave a great belly laugh. “And I remember when I accidently broke your window. Instead of my beautiful Martha coming to greet me, the front door opened to reveal Mr. Dolan in all his Scottish glory. He still had a head full of Ginger hair, and he was brawny enough to make my scrawny six foot frame look like a ten year old. I had to use my meager summer earnings to replace the window instead of take Martha to the Fourth of July picnic and fireworks.”

Stanalei: What a fun-loving relationship you two have! Describe for us your reaction when you first learned that your children had chosen law enforcement careers that sometimes put them in danger?

Martha raised a brow at her husband and jumped in to explain before Fred had the chance. “When Tyler went off to train at Quantico I was scared to death. I don’t think I slept the entire time he was there.”

Fred nodded. “When he went to work for a company on the dock, I was never more surprised. We didn’t raise quitters. I should have known something was up.”

Martha smiled softly at me. “I’ve never been so relieved in my life. I’m proud of Tyler, don’t get me wrong, especially when he was going to be a special agent. But when he took on a normal job, or so I thought, I breathed a large sigh of relief.” She reached for Fred’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “Even though it was short lived.”

Stanalei: Sounds like worrisome moments. As a parent of grown children myself, I still worry about my kids. How do you cope, knowing that you could get that awful phone call no parent wants to receive?

“My turn.” Fred raised an eyebrow at his wife almost daring her to speak. “I was elated to know that my son was after such a blackguard, yet at the same time, scared to the marrow of my bones. And when he was hurt, I wanted nothing more than to turn back the clock and put him back in dock work. He would have hated that, but he’d have been safe.”

Martha let go of Fred’s hand, then patted his knee and turned to me. “I was so elated that Jessica followed her dad and me into teaching. And Christine an attorney. Our other kids, Matt and Reagan finance and Glenna shopping for anything. She has such a quint shop that sales her unique finds.” She chuckled. “Safe, right? Hardly, after the last couple of years, I’ve come to realize you have to trust your children. You can’t wrap them in cotton.”

Stanalei: That is so true, Fred. With so many children and their varied careers and schedules, are you able to get the entire family together? If so, how do you make that happen?

“Martha is a born party planner. Every holiday we have a big party, everyone brings potluck. She’s happiest when she is surrounded by her family. Now we’re having grandchildren, Martha is planning crafts for these occasions. Total chaos but she loves it.

Martha smacked Fred on the shoulder. “You love it too, don’t pretend you don’t.” She turned to me and continued. “When someone isn’t able to join us, we pull out the laptop and Skype. And everyone has a good visit.”

Stanalei: How wonderful that you’re able stay in contact with your family that way. One last question. If your children would listen, what piece of advice would you give them now that they are grown to help them as they age?

“That’s easy, always listen to your gut. If what you decide gives you an upset stomach you’re traveling in the wrong direction. If you want to do something and the thought of not committing brings relief, then you shouldn’t do it. But if your decision brings you peace it’s right. Does that makes sense?” Martha looked to Fred for confirmation, he gave a nod of agreement.

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Special Agent Paco Luis Perez has heard of the legendary Tyler Beckett and looks forward to working with the man on the assignment in New York. However, when he reads Beckett’s dossier on his flight from D.C., he discovers the Beckett he expected to meet isn’t Tyler.

NYPD Detective Spencer Alexander Williams III, a member of the gang terrorist task force, reluctantly agrees to consult on the domestic terrorist case as the local liaison. He has never liked working with a team; he finds more out on his own. But they need his uncanny knack to anticipate the gang’s movements.

As soon as she receives information on the assignment, Reagan researches her new partners. But does she know enough to literally trust these men with her life?

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